Evolutions of BMW 3 Series G20 2019

BMW has leaked the appearance of the BMW 3 series G20 2019 . His face shows the maturity language design. It is more mature with sharp lines. Looking at the face of the G20, BMW is ready to intimidate its German rival. Now, you see the picture taken from the BimmerPost forum, which displays various rankings of the BMW 3 Series.

Starting from the BMW M340i, M Sport Package, sports lines, and various new interior configurations. Honestly, we see the G20 more proportional and attractive compared to its predecessor. Which has a lot to do with the front end herb.

Aerodynamics turned out to get special attention. Although the size is bigger than the previous model, the G20 is more smoothly dividing the wind. From the results of testing in the wind tunnel, the BMW 320d can reduce the drag coefficient (Cd) from 0.26 0.23. Under the all-covered car, the aerodynamic design of the rim and the active use of the blades in the grating affect the body’s aerodynamic level.

Surface Design

Indeed, the main attraction of the vehicle lies on the surface. BMW understands that LED lights and sharp sculpted bumpers. Looking at the new BMW M3, it looks more like that. While in the rear lights, it is very different from the predecessor models too. The position of the lamp tends to be flat, so the car looks wider.

Viewed from the side, this wheel is quite visible. The results contribute to giving the car a higher profile. While the BMW M340i and M Sport Package, featuring the most aggressive aero kit. You can see the large side of the intake on the front bumper and the fold that flows from the lights. Rim is borrowed, from the M3, as an accentuation of strong shocks, such as the BMW M Series.

This series also has a sharper side. Then the rear bumper is a ventilated side panel with a two-tips round exhaust (330i M Sport Package) or exhaust trapezoid (M340i) on each side. Finally, BMW provides four new exterior colors: gray, blue Tansanit Dravit II, Citrin Black II and bronze Vermont.

Significant Evolutions of BMW 3 Series G20

Every time it regenerates, evolution is significant. The G20 changes cover all parts. Starting from the platform, interior-exterior design, sophisticated digitization features, for more efficient engines.

But the design of the BMW 3 Series G20 is slightly beyond expectations. Because, there are still many similarities with F30. Most visible from the side, it seems to be the most difficult part to change because he must guard Hofmeister’s legacy. But the G20 is still easily recognizable from F30 because the muscle is implied in the fender area.

The biggest changes occur in the front and rear. The main lights are similar to series 5, only make it more pointed and given a fin style in the middle. This lamp with laser technology still forms a legendary double kidney grating, which appears now to join in one frame of chromium.

Moving backwards, you can see a simple butt unlike F30 or E90. The rear is made evenly square with the effect of glass smoke, rather than looking like a Lexus GS taillights. The total dimensions of 3 series are getting bigger. It is now 85 mm (4,709 mm) long, 16 mm wider (1,827 mm) and only 1 mm high (1,442 mm). Because of the new CLAR platform, the wheelbase stretches from 41 mm to 2,851 mm. Effects also occur in the width of the wheel track. Increases 43 mm, front and rear 21 mm.

Interior Design

For the interior of BMW 3 Series G20, we can see a 12.3-inch digital instrument panel. Ah, this is what we like. BMW leaves an ancient meter instrument (cluster meter). This is used to be round, with red colors that fade and are less relevant for exterior design. Now it also has a 10.25-inch head unit that blends with the dashboard. Not a floating track like C-Class. Car seats are more hugging controls, new to air conditioning and steering seems to borrow from the M3.

Overal, the cabin changes are quite large, both design and quality. Surprisingly, there is no transmission lever on the center console. What we see is the round button. Maybe BMW is bored with a lever model soaring, for cabin neatness. Mercedes-Benz C-Classpatut is alert to Bavarian rivals.

The standard features in the BMW 3 Series G20 are also more complete. All variants are equipped with LED lights with sharpness of angle and eyebrom indicator features, BMW carpet light, ambient curtains with 11 color choices, climate control zone 3 and so on. The most basic variant that applies the BMW Live cockpit is an 8.8-inch monitor on the instrument panel.

If you want to look cool, there is a variant of the M sport with some accessories from the BMW M. This can be distinguished from the bumper design with air intake greater than the standard version, and the edge of the M. Plus side and rear apron skirt. The interior is also plastered with M symbols and driving impressions are guaranteed different. Because the M sports suspension is mounted 10 mm flatter than the standard.

BMW 3 Series G20 Engine

For initial introduction, only two selected engines were announced, BMW 320d and 330i. The 2.0-liter 4-cylinder diesel engine has been upgraded in the form of a multi-stage turbocharger. This revision increases the output of 190 hp and a peak torque of 400 Nm. cool again, there is a xDrive variant which means it’s attached to four-wheel drive.

Of course other models will be introduced in stages, including the BMW 340i and the M3 monster. Paris became an introductory event only, before it was officially marketed in March next year. Prices start at $ 43,671.

Interior with BMW 7.0 Operating System

BMW exhibited technological developments for the BMW 3 Series G20. Being in a BMW cockpit package, experiencing radical changes and far more modern. At least this technology fills the latest generation interior of the BMW X 5, BMW 8 series, BMW Z4 and BMW 3 Series. German manufacturers, the OS claims increasingly flexible content that can be adjusted and personalized according to the driver’s taste.

This operating system is intended to be none other than the BMW 7.0 operating system. It is truly digital and is now more focused on drivers. This system is a sustainable development that began since the introduction of BMW iDrive Controller in 2001. Every time the model regenerates, there is always a technological leap that continues to grow. Using software, it really needs to stay up-to-date. The system update process uses Remote Software Upgrade which applies over-the-air software updates. Yup, exactly the smartphone.

More focused on the driver, aimed at increasing interaction between the system and increasingly sophisticated drivers. No need to touch the screen or set a button, only with voice commands and body movements. For the first time in this latest OS, BMW Smart Personal Assistant was introduced. Not only for drivers, but also interactions with passengers. They have digital characters that make the car live and answer the wishes of the passengers.

BMW Live cockpit

BMW Live cockpit is included in the BMW 7.0 operating system. It consists of three hardware levels and basic functions. All three are instrument panel displays, navigation and entertainment systems, and operating system setting modes (such as sound and control movements).

This BMW Live cockpit is further divided into BMW Live Cockpit Plus and a professional BMW Live cockpit. That depends on the allocation for class cars. For example for the BMW 8 Series, it is definitely more sophisticated than the BMW 3 Series G20. To make sure everything is fully digital. Starting from the instrument panel which contains various indicators and monitors in the center of the dashboard.

The instrument panel for information about speed, engine speed, gasoline, temperature and more, has left an analog model with a round shape. Replaces a monitor that displays 3D and 2D digital images. The design can change in several choices and colors, according to the taste and needs of the driver.

The main goal, so as not to be too distracted while driving. Because the driver must continue to focus on the road. If you need information from a monitor, you need a screen that is easy to understand and understand. Between the instrument panel and the monitor in the center of the dashboard are interconnected, even synchronized with the monitor for rear passengers.



Price when new: £33,610
On sale in the UK: March 2019
Engine: 1995cc four-cylinder turbodiesel, 188bhp @ 4000rpm, 195lb ft @ 1750-2500rpm
Transmission: Eight-speed auto, rear-wheel drive
Performance: 6.8sec 0-62mph, 149mph, 67.3mpg, 115g/km CO2
Weight / material: 1455kg / steel
Dimensions (length/width/height in mm): 4709/1827/1442mm

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